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The Ringtone Maker

by Ringtone Maker, Inc.

Make unlimited ringtones from your music files & download to your phone


The Ringtone Maker

The Ringtone Maker software is just that: an unlimited, unrestricted editor to create a 5-30 sec customized ringtone from MP3, WMA, MP4/AAC, Audio CD and OGG files.

You select the music file, edit it, and then download it to your phone. There is a graph of the song to help you choose the right segment you want. The Ringtone Maker works in the US plus more than 65 countries and with most mobile phones that support real music ringtones and have Internet service through its carrier (e.g. Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Siemens, Sanyo, Panasonic, LG, NEC, Sharp)..

Version 2.6: adds beta-testing Verizon network support; AAC/MP4 ringtones (better support for Sprint); expanded phone compatibility; more international carriers and handset support.

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