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Plastic Book

by PrimaSoft PC

Designed to make keeping track of all kinds of plastic cards as easy as possible


Plastic Book

Plastic Book for Windows: Designed to make keeping track of all kinds of "plastic cards" as easy as possible. It can be used for credit cards, bank client cards, library cards, etc. The data file has fields such as: Type, Number, Code, Limit, Fee, Issuing Institution, Customer Service Phone Number, Lost Or Stolen Phone Number. Entries can be sorted by a selected field. It allows an unlimited number of entries and automatically sorts them.


-Notebook-like interface;

-Intuitive, easy-to-use, very fast, and small;

-Easily search for information;

-Define filters to display only selected records;

-Print reports directly from the program;

-Modem dialing;

-Export/import data to/from ASCII file;

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