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by Personal Software Limited

Visualize your Microsoft Outlook address book. Transform it into a network



In today's busy and demanding world keeping in touch with friends, former colleagues and business contacts has never been more challenging. But if you know how to network effectively, its never been more valuable. Cortege is an award-winning accessory for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express designed to let you make the most of your network. Cortege transforms your address book from a list of people you know, into a network of relationships you can grow. Cortege lets you define the relationship you have with each of your contacts, and uses this to help you stay in touch and develop those relationships further. Cortege's graphical interface places the most popular networking tools at your fingertips, and combines these with a journal so you can instantly record key meetings and conversations. Cortege measures your networking performance, and helps you use what you've learned to build a powerful network of your own.

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