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PEERNET.DRV ePDF allows you to create Adobe® Portable Document Format documents



The newest member of the PEERNET.DRV print driver family, ePDF 6.0 allows you to create Adobe® Portable Document Format documents. If you can print it, you can quickly and easily convert it into a PDF document ideal for archiving, email distribution, or posting to the web. (Trial key required)

And, you can customize PEERNET.DRV ePDF driver settings to create the exact PDF document you require:

- choose to produce black and white, color, or greyscale documents, or have ePDF optimize your output

- set the resolution you require; from 50x50 dpi to 600x600 dpi

- select from a list of available paper sizes, or define a custom size

- secure your PDF documents with 40-bit or 128-bit encryption, and apply user-defined passwords

- allow users to copy text and graphics from, print, and edit the PDF document you create

- create multi-page (one file) or serialized (one file per page) output

- set PDF compression options

- set up and execute virus-free email distribution of your PDF documents

You can use the PEERNET.DRV ePDF print driver on the following platforms: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT4.0, and Windows XP. No extra applications are required to create PDF documents using this driver, although the Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent is required to view the PDF documents you create.

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