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Task Manager  

EndTask Pro

by Osama Abdel-Karim

Detect potential spyware by monitoring its behavior and block pop-up ads


EndTask Pro

EndTask Pro includes an advanced task manager, a new system for blocking pop-up ads, and a system/Internet performance monitor. The task manager helps you detect and remove potential spyware by monitoring their behavior in real time. It also displays important information about running processes such as process description and risk rating. EndTask pop-up blocker hides pop-ups instead of closing them. You're given information when a pop-up tries to launch, and you decide which ones to show, thus you won't lose the pop-ups you want. It's invisible to sites that try to detect and foil blockers. Its design isn't based on a specific browser, so it will work on most computers. EndTask logs information about your Internet connection history. It includes a taskbar that displays vital information, such as connection speed and CPU/Mem usage. It will remind you if you forget any media on shutdown. It also includes a smart health reminder. Visit : http://www.endtaskpro.com for more information.

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