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Able OfficeView Pro

by OfficeView Software Inc

IN/OUT board with automatic In and Out posting. Personalized remarks, messaging


Able OfficeView Pro

LAN-based OfficeView Pro is an in/out board that displays standard or customized remarks, such as: in, in but unavailable, on vacation until..., etc. In addition to knowing where your co-workers are, your receptionist can give well-informed responses to phone calls and alert you to the arrival of clients. The program includes a messaging system (which can be disabled) and a screen that displays employee information such as telephone, fax, pager numbers, and a notepad to display lengthy, more detailed information. The alphabetical search feature helps you find a name before you've finished typing it. OfficeView Pro can accommodate up to 1000 names. We also sell a web application called Web OfficeView that produces web pages that look like OfficeView Pro. Mobile or home workers, and Macs and Unix users can use a web browser to fully interact with OfficeView Pro. There's more! Check out our web site (http://www.officeview.com) for the full story.

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