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Miraplacid Text Driver

by Miraplacid

Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from documents and saves it to file


Miraplacid Text Driver

Miraplacid Text Driver 4.4 for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 extracts text from any printable documents. After installation on your PC, Miraplacid Text Driver appears as a new printer in your system. When document is printed, Miraplacid Text Driver opens a dialog with Preview Window. You can save resulting text to disk, upload to FTP or HTTP server,or print them to a real printer or send to Clipboard.

You can save the extracted information as plain, formatted text or as XML for future processing in all installed codepages and Unicode.

Miraplacid Text Driver 4.4 adds icon to desktop. All the documents you drag and drop to this icon will be printed behind the scenes and processed by Miraplacid Text Driver. Turn "Auto Save Mode" on if you want Miraplacid Text Driver to save all the extracted text to a file without waiting for your input. If you want every document to be saved to an individual file, add {{DATE}}, {{TIME}}, {{IDENTITY}}, {{PAGE}} or {{JOB}} to the file name or path. They will be replaced with current date, time, some unique number, page number and print job id respectively.

With "Redirect" option, you can print original print job to your physical printer at the time of extracting text.

Unix(LF) and Windows(CRLF) line breaks supported.

Version 4.4 supports text printing from DOS programs.

Also, text repair mode is available when Text Driver generates bad characters from print job.

As a developer, you may control printing process from your own software.

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