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MaaTec Network Analyzer Pro

by MaaTec

Network Analyzer with stats, reports, easy to use filtering and intuitive GUI


MaaTec Network Analyzer Pro

Network Analyzer / Packet Sniffer with easy to use filtering and intuitive GUI. Online view of incoming packets. Real-time network statistics and scheduled traffic reports. Reports in text or HTML/XHTML format with optional charts. Generation of reports can be started via command-line options, thus the Windows Task Scheduler can be used to create reports in the background. Network load over time statistics (time and number of entries are configurable), stats per system, protocol, NIC, connection, or an combination of these. Stats can be displayed with different chart types (lines, stacked bars, etc.); charts can be saved as PNG, BMP, or EMF files with customizable bitmap size and resolution. Boot-free installation possible (see website for details). Different options to color displayed packet data. Multiple views with different packet filters and statistics possible. Huge number of presentable network statistics values. All settings can be saved to disk or into the convenient 'Quick Load' list for fast access. Award-winning online help. Supports multiple network cards in one or multiple windows. Tested on multi-processor machines. Dump packet information with different detail levels. Unique new packet information display in vertically splitted window. High performance due to assembler optimization and genuine new packet filter design. Detects all common network protocols, from which the following protocols are also decoded in the dump view: IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, IPX, PPP, PPPoE, ICMP, ICMPv6, IGMP, LCP, CHAP, CCP, ARP, RIP, IPX-RIP, DNS, DHCP, bootpc, bootps, NetBIOS, NetBIOS-NS, SMB/CIFS, Microsoft-DS, NMPI, LLC, ITU-T X.233 CLNP, X.224 TP, ISO 9542 ES-IS, ISO 10589 IS-IS, Telnet, TFTP. And as text-decode: HTTP, FTP, POP2, POP3, IMAP, IMAP3, MSNP, NNTP, SMTP, SSDP.

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