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Smart Phone Recorder

by Kengolf.com Inc.

record your phone calls that answered or unanswered


Smart Phone Recorder

Smart Phone Recoeder can record your phone calls at an incredible compression rate of 3.7MB/Hour into windows wave files using your computer's voice modem. Another unique feature that is Smart Phone Recorder can start recording automatically even you lift your telephone handset before the answering machine takes an action for an incoming call.

Smart Phone Recorder is answering machine program that supports DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) and Caller ID detection as well as other features such as auto start recording, audio compression, data backup, status log management, a built-in phone book, ring settings, a pop caller ID window and more...

Smart Phone Recorder does not support ISDN,Cable or DSL Modems! Due to the advanced features of Smart Phone Recorder, it is not compatible with Windows NT because Windows NT does not support Unimodem/V.

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