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Knowledge Store

by KC7JHO Software

Consolidate every piece of information you have with The Knowledge Store



From project and source code management to call / incident logging The Knowledge Store can consolidate and organize every piece of information from each member of your team, or just help you keep track of you everyday life helping you to live and work stress free with ease and productivity. With the unique design, organization, and layout of this utility the uses for it are limited only by your imagination and organizational skills. If you are wondering if this software will fit your needs send me a detailed E-Mail at kc7jho@kc7jho.com and I will help you map this software to your situation. This software uses ODBC drivers allowing it to become multi-user with some slight configuration changes. Some of the already solved applications are: Project Management, Call / Incident Logging, Asset Management, Contact Management, Source Code Management, Recipe Database, Bill Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Movie / CD / Software Library, Task (Things To Do) Management. Each of these is described on The Knowledge Store Official Website. As more uses are mapped out we will be posting them there.

This is a 30-day evaluation version but as with other shareware providers we do not delete your data at the end of the 30 days. We understand you may not be in a position to purchase the product the moment the time is up but may still need the data that has been entered over the last 30 days. Because of this understanding we have decided to leave every part of your data intact in a simple access database enabling you to access the data you find so important.

As you can see there is nothing standing in the way of taking The Knowledge Store out for a spin, support is available via E-Mail and ICQ with a rapid response time. The E-Mail address is kc7jho@kc7jho.com the IQC # is 3044899 user name KC7JHO. We Never send out unsolicited e-mail or allow others access to your information in any way.

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