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by Interactive Networks Inc.

Instan-t IM messenger communicates with MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t



Instan-t is a powerful instant messaging software that allows you to communicate with MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t IM networks.

Some Instan-t unique features are:

- Voice chat: communicate face to face with contacts on any IM network and see their facial expressions.

- Multi-network chat: establish a multi-person chat session where you can simultaneously chat with users from MSN, AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and Instan-t in the same session.

- Audio emoticons: express your feelings with attractive emoticons that play associated sounds.

- E-mail signature tool: add a customized signature to all your e-mails to show your online/offline status. With a click on that signature tool, your friends can start chatting with you through your Web-Communication Center without downloading any software.

Instan-t has other user friendly functions such as the possibility of switching skins on your user interface and of seeing which contacts have you in their contact lists.

In addition, Instan-t has no advertising and contains no spyware. Interactive Networks offers Instan-t for users to experience its unique technology. Our company also develops secure and private IM products for small and medium enterprises and custom branded IM networks for private labels.

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