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ClearImage Repair

by Inlite Research

ActiveX automates repair of scanned and fax images in a batch process


ClearImage Repair

Easily develop production applications, in VB, C++ or Delphi, to automatically improve the appearance of scanned, faxed or captured images. Read images in TIFF, JPG, Grayscale and Color. Use the high level power of ClearImage Repair to standardize the appearance and size of the images and to remove annoying artifacts. Archive high quality images that support further data capture via OCR, or Key From Image. Setup the batch process and let the software determine what needs to be done and to what degree.

ClearImage Repair is a comprehensive software tool for windows, used by professional imaging application vendors, that executes the following operations in an automatic manner, without operator intervention:

Automatic Deskew - detect the skew angle (+/- 45 deg) of the image contents and rotate the image.

Automatic Rotation - Rotate the image so that it is pointing straight upwards.

Automatic Crop - identify the contents of the image and draw a new, tight border around it

Automatic Registration - align the image towards the top left corner

Automatic Border Extract - Remove excess border, deskew and crop the image

Automatic Invert - reverse black and white

Smart Block Invert - reverse black header blocks with white text

Noise Cleanup - Remove noise artifacts and reduces output file size by over 2x.

Remove Punch Holes - Remove black hole marks from the image

Remove Halftone - Remove the halftone pixels to make the area white

Smooth Characters - Remove pixel stubble from the character symbols

Remove Blank Fax Lines - Remove white lines that run through the fax

Remove Fax Header - Remove the top text header from the page

Convert Fax Resolution from Standard to Fine - with image smoothing

Delete Lines and Repair Objects - Remove form lines and reconnect broken objects.

Reconstruct Lines - straighten lines that are jagged due to scanning artifacts

Image I/O - Accept and output images in many file formats, via memory transfers or from Windows Bitmap

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