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Total Recorder Professional Edition

by High Criteria, Inc.

Audio recorder for streaming audio from Real Player or Windows Media Player



Total Recorder records streaming audio from Real Player or Windows Media Player, mic input, line-in input, DVDs, CDs, and other sound card sources. The resulting sound files can be stored on your hard drive in WAVE format (plain or compressed), WMA or MP3 format and, if needed, is ready to be put on CD-R.

The main features of Total Recorder include:

1) Record sound being played by other computer programs (e.g. RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp) including live Internet broadcasts. This feature is unique to Total Recorder and is not available in the vast majority of other sound recording programs;

2) Convert different sound formats to WAVE format (plain or compressed) or MP3 format, providing you have a player capable of playing a particular format;

3) Record Internet Telephony conversations - even full duplex;

4) Record from any sound card input line. For example, you can record from CD or you can hook up a cassette player and record from it;

5) "Pre-Record" facility;

6) A built-in scheduler lets you schedule future recordings and playbacks. Or you can use Total Recorderís command line options with an external scheduler such as Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Potential usage:

1) Convert your old sound files (e.g. AU files) to WAVE format and then compress them to a modern format, such as MP3 or RA. Or you can record them to your CD-R;

2) Record sound from your favorite game program;

3) Schedule the recording of a live Internet show and replay it later at a convenient time, similar to programming your VCR;

4) Make an audio book using a text-to-speech program.

How it Works

Total Recorder uses a virtual sound driver to capture the sound output from another program. By installing this driver, and setting this device as the default, different sound reproducing programs send their output stream to Total Recorder's driver and not to the driver of a real device. Total Recorder then passes.

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