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Client Side SSI

by Extreme Code Software

Converts SHTML files to HTML files (expanding Server Side Includes



SSI (Server Side Includes) is a special form of HTML comments (known as SSI commands or directives), which direct the web server to replace these commands to something other. For example [an error occurred while processing this directive] directive is replaced by the contents of the file file_name. Also SSI supports variables, insertion of the current date/time, and more. SSI helps to avoid duplicate fragments in HTML files. (So, it can be used for easy insertion of such repeated things as navigation bars, copyrights, info for search engines, and like. It avoids the need of changing many files when such a repeated fragment changes.) But SSI works only in the case of the special support on the server side. But this program, Client Side SSI, allows you to convert files with SSI (SHTML files) to plain HTML files. This can be used both for testing SHTML files before placing them to a SSI-enabled web-server, for converting a SSI web site to a non-SSI site (note that not all web-servers support SSI and that non-SSI web sites work faster), and for developing plain (non-SSI) HTML files with the power of SSI. The program has a GUI interface. Command line interface support is planned for a future version.

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