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Flash Photo Show

by Epinoisis Software

Create amazing video-like slide shows out of your Digital Pictures and Music


Flash Photo Show

Flash Photo Show is a Flash Slideshow maker that you can use to create amazing video-like slide shows out of your Digital Pictures and Music.

You can also use Flash Photo Show to convert your Flash Slideshow or any other Flash file to a Screensaver.


- Imports all major Image formats JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, Photoshop PSD, TIF, PCX, TGA, WBMP, WMF, EMF, TLA.

- Add Music (MP3).

- 30+ different Frames.

- 25+ different Shapes.

- Many different Transitions.

- Add Main Title.

- Add Subtitles to any picture.

- All Texts (Titles and subtitles) support HTML and Links.

- Old Picture Effect.

- Set Background Color.

- Set Movie Size.

- Auto Pan-Zoom images to fit area.

- Add Navigation Buttons.

- Preloader for the web.

- Exports Flash (SWF)

- Exports Screensaver (SCR)

- Exports Standalone Projector (EXE)

- Flash Convert Tool. Convert any flash file to Screensaver or EXE.

- Most important: Easy to Use!

Easy to Use!

Flash Photo Show has a user-friendly interface. With quick and easy steps you will understand how it works immediately. No Flash or programming skills are required.

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