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Dialer Queen

by Elibriz Software

Automated internet dialer. Skins and plugins support, keeps logs, autoredial


Dialer Queen

Looking for a full-function and handy dialer? You have found it!

Dialer Queen is a powerful internet dialer with a plenty of useful features. Just take a look:

it will control your Internet connection and automatically redial if connection lost;

it will count an amount of time you spent online and give you a detailed report including

such information as: an amount of money you spent, amount of data you received and sent

and even an average speed during Internet session. Moreover, you can add even more

functionallity to Dialer Queen by means of the built-in plug-ins mechanism.

In spite of such vast capabilities Dialer Queen does not look as an ugly software monster due

to it's excellent skin engine and user friendly interface! So, why choose dialer? Choose Dialer Queen!

Key features:

* Supports skins

* Supports plugins

* Supports several ISP's

* Supports unlimited phone numbers to dial up

* Keeps the detailed statistics for each connection, providing you with handy access to this information grouped by various signs

* Counts an amount of time of each dial up connection and it's cost basing on the flexible system of tariffs

* Includes the unique system of limits which allows to avoid an undesirable money overspending, to avoid excess of traffic limit set by your ISP, to disconnect when your account is going low on money and many other opportunities! If you try it, you will like it!

* Supports callback number

* Configurable tray icon hint provides you with an easy access to the such vital information as session cost and online time

* Determines the connection speed and automatically disconnects if the speed is too low

* Counts the amount of downloaded and uploaded data

* "Keep Alive" feature helps you to avoid diconnection from the side of ISP

* Automatically redials upon disconnect

* Multiple languages support

* Associating sounds with various events

* And don't forget about useful features realized by means of plug-ins mechanism!

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