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HDD Firmware Serial Number Source Code

by BrowseDatabase.com

Hard-Disk Firmware (Manufacturer) Serial Number Source Code


HDD Firmware Serial Number Source Code

Manufacturer assigned Hard-Disk Serial Number or Firmware Serial Number is essential for many reasons. One, you can create a Machine constant which do not change with Operating System Changes or HDD Formatting. This machine constant can be used to base your product licensing. There are many methods to retrieve HDD Firmware Serial Number. Some require Administrative logins only, others work on some Windows version only, some utilize WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to determine HDD Firmware Serial Number. We provide the source code which: Works on Win-NT, Win-2000, Win-XP, Do not require Administrative logins (so can be coded in ASP / ASP.NET), Do not require WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation), Utilizes the Windows API to arrive at HDD Firmware Serial Number. Is a lightweight code of few lines only. Retrieves HDD Firmware Serial Number, HDD Model Number, Drive Controller Revision Number and other details. http://www.browsedatabase.com

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