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Simple System Tray IMAP Client

by Arundale

A System Tray IMAP Client Program written in Visual C# .Net (code included



This program includes a few interesting and useful technologies i.e.

- A Simple System Tray IMAP Mail Client (not available so far)

- System Tray Implementation in Visual C#.Net

This includes source code, so you could use it as it is or play around with the code to satisfy your requirements.

This requires .Net Framework to be installed first (I use v1.1). There is no installation required. Just copy the executable from bin\Release folder in the zip and run it. You should find the "My" icon in the System Tray. Double click to open main window. Chose IMAP Client from menu and enter user, password, IMAP Server and click Connect to check mail. Double click on SysTray icon to hide window.

I made this software to serve as a personal utility for those features which are not available in the market. First one is the System Tray IMAP Client - It is very useful because I don't have to keep the Mail program open in the taskbar, there being no way to tell if there is new mail otherwise.

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