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by Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.

Powerful and secure POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/HTTP mail server for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP



MDaemon , Windows-based email server software, contains full mail server functionality and control with a strong emphasis on security to protect your email communication needs. MDaemon features include top-notch antispam security features; seamless integration with AntiVirus for MDaemon plug-in; built-in groupware functionalities for sharing folders, tasks, contacts, and address; separately licensed plug-in for Outlook users to access groupware functionalities using MDaemon as the mail server and groupware platform; secure instant messaging; free web-based email client; remote administration tool; central address book repository; and much more!

MDaemon 8.1 new feature includes the first implementation of DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for the Microsoft Windows platform. DKIM validates the sender address and message integrity of each email received. MDaemon creates outbound signatures and validates inbound messages signed with DKIM. Read Alt-N's published white paper on DKIM and its implementation in MDaemon at http://www.altn.com/support/white_papers.asp.

In addition to DKIM, MDaemon 8.1 includes support for Greylisting, a relatively new spam fighting technique which involves deferring the initial acceptance of a new mail message from unknown senders and tells the sending email server to try again later. When the sending server tries a second time - which most spam sources will not do - MDaemon will accept it. Exception options and white lists can exempt trusted senders from greylist processing.

MDaemon 8.1 builds on the groupware, security and administrative improvements made available with MDaemon 8.0. MDaemon now includes free groupware functions, including shared calendars, contacts and task lists. It also continues to lead the industry in email security, professional fine-tuning and beginner ease of use.

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