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   CT Developer Studio 2

IVR development software

NEW: Download Evaluation Version

UPDATE: CT Developer Studio 2010 coming soon!

Develop an IVR, Voice Mail or Call Center Application in Minutes

CT Developer Studio 2 is a Windows software that helps you quickly implement a professional voice response system into your business. Developing IVR solutions is easy with Visual IVR Script Designer and the many ready-to-use samples supplied with the product.

Several demonstration templates and ready-to-use IVR systems, including a voice mail server, inbound call center, automatic dial-out notification system, order processing system, and many more, are supplied with CT Developer Studio. If you need your IVR system right away, you can modify the details of one of the templates to tail it to your requirements. You can quickly design your own IVR system by using the Visual IVR Script Designer. All call details and caller responses are logged in the CSV and XML formats, making it easy to import to MS Office applications.

CT Developer Studio 2 requires a PC with a compatible telephony board. Click for complete list of system requirements. Currently, the following boards are supported:

  • Ai-Logix - SmartWorks 3.5.2
  • NMS - 2005-1
  • Intel/Dialogic - Dialogic SR 5.1.1 (with Service Pack 1)

Download Evaluation Version

Computer Telephone Integration at a Glance

CTI (Computer-Telephone Integration) enables the connection of telephone systems with computers by enabling telephones and personal computers to work in sync. Low cost 2-line and 4-line voice boards and easy to use visual IVR script designers make it possible for even smaller businesses to deploy customized voice answering systems tailored to their exact needs. This technology can be used create various applications, such as:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Call Center Applications
  • Automatic Ordering Systems
  • Call Routing and Caller ID
  • Auto Attendants
  • Message Delivery & Reading
  • Support Hotlines
  • Price/Stock Enquiries 
  • Fax on Demand
  • Information Lines
  • Voice Menus
  • Custom Telephone Answering
  • Outbound Telephone Surveys
  • Over-the-Telephone Data Entry
  • Dial-in Home Automation
  • Dial-out Home Alarms
  • Auto Dialers
  • Credit Card Payments
  • CTI Software

CT Developer Studio effectively enables you to easily develop and implement any of these systems on a Windows PC.

Your IVR System Grows as Your Business Expands

Designing an IVR system has never been easier. Design your IVR system with the TeleFlow Visual IVR Script Designer by simply dragging and dropping the components required to design a perfect response system just for your needs.

What is CT Developer Studio 2?

Unlimited number of voice mailboxes

CT Developer Studio 2 allows for unlimited number of voice mailboxes (click to enlarge)

CT Developer Studio 2 is an IVR development software that will help you develop, implement and host your IVR system. It is based on TeleFlow IVR engine by enGenic, and supports up to several hundred telephone lines simultaneously. CT Developer Studio consists of several parts.

  • TFMonitor

    Runs on a PC, executing IVR scripts that are using the telephone lines to handle incoming and make outgoing calls.

  • TeleFlow Visual IVR Script Designer

    Allows fast and easy design of the IVR system. Simple IVR blocks are dropped from the Toolbox on the Workspace, their Properties are edited in a Visual Studio.NET fashion, and then Event Handlers are specified, linking the modules to one another depending on the tone keys the caller pressed.

  • TeleFlow Simulator

    Allows testing your IVR scripts on a PC without actual telephony hardware connected to it. Develop, debug, test and evaluate your voice response scripts without investing in expensive hardvare!

    Download Evaluation Version

TeleFLow Visual IVR Script Designer

Visual IVR script development environment

TeleFlow Visual IVR Script Designer provides a convenient tool for designing and debugging an IVR system (click to enlarge)

Allows fast and easy design of an IVR system. Visual IVR Script Designer is easy to learn, and allows a complete GUI for the whole IVR development process.

A list of simple IVR blocks is available on the toolbox. These blocks can be dragged and dropped on the workspace. Each block has Properties and Event Handlers (similar to MS Visual Studio.NET).

Edit Event Handlers to link the modules to one another depending on the tone keys the caller pressed.

Visual IVR Script Designer is build in a modular fashion. It contains the following modules that are used as simple 'bricks' to build your IVR system:

Get Numbers Say Number
Play File Record File
Send Email Query Database
Voice Mail Dial Number
Run VB Script Run JavaScript
Read Text Transfer Call
Evaluate Expression Run Program
Send Phone Message Generate DTMF tones

Multiple events are available for each block so that you can create different connections between the modules depending on the user's input.

It is easy to add a custom IVR block to the script designer; a complete developer's API is available with the product. The API is simple and well documented, with a sample extension module available in source.

Voice Mail

The voice mail functionality is available with a pre-made "Answering Machine"  script. To create a completely functional voice mail system open the "Answering Machine" sample project and set up your mailboxes and messages.

The Voice Mail supports:

  • Easy creation and deletion of voicemail boxes
  • Selecting or recording unique greeting messages
  • Voice mail message management
  • Call transfer and email forwarding for each mailbox
  • Remote access to voice mail messages

The number of mailboxes is not limited in CT Developer Studio.

Feature List

  • Unlimited voice mail boxes featuring call transfer, remote access, email notification and forwarding
  • Supports unlimited number of telephone lines
  • Dynamically configures or changes IVR scripts for each telephone line
  • Complete online or telephone remote control
  • DTMF tone generation and recognition gives ability to enter numbers
  • Full Caller ID compliance
  • Telephone line emulator included for off-line testing of your IVR scripts
  • Call transfer to other phone numbers or extensions (requires a PBX or activation of your phone company feature)
  • 3-way calling, optionally playing back or saying any information, allowing the recipient to accept or decline the call (subject to your phone company features)
  • Email forwarding of highly compressed voice messages
  • Dialer module can dial phone numbers and run an IVR script once the call is answered
  • Music-on-hold
  • Text-to-speech and Speech Recognition (in certain editions)
  • Database access integrated with text-to-speech
  • Can execute other programs, transferring data to and from an external application
  • Full logging of all call details and all selections made during the call
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts in multiple languages
  • IVR script templates for many of the typical IVR tasks

Download Evaluation Version

Questions about CT Developer Studio? Visit the CT Developer / TeleFlow Forums at teleflow.org/phpbb

Click for a complete price list and version comparison chart.

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